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Pro Contractor Endosrement

"Soon after ordering and studying the program I was able to increase an insurance adjuster’s estimate from $34,000 to $71,000. Borrow the money if you have to, get this program and you'll make it back on one deal, probably double your income too." Jay Gomez, Roofing & siding sales, S. Carolina


Turn a few pennies per day into 10's of $1,000's of additional dollars per year!

On all of the storm damage jobs pictured above, contractors who claimed they were specialists in insurance claims restoration and insurance claims restoration sales either failed to get the claims paid in full or failed to get any payment at all. On the claim directly above, using the 3RS Profit MAX™ methods you'll learn from 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook©, I took the job from $0.00 (by insurance adjusters) and $500/$600 by several non 3RS Profit MAX™ trained contractors to $42,500 at a $17,000 profit. Had any of those contractors known what 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© teaches beforehand, they would never have missed out on those jobs and the substantial profits and additional income.

"Restoration Sales Training" is not the answer

S"Restoration Sales Training" hypeales training is essential when selling and closing retail remodeling work but when it comes to helping insured property owners with damage to get fully paid at rates relative to the premiums they pay, the well worn "restoration sales training" hype has very little if anything to do with it. What has everything to do with achieving maximum numbers of signed restoration contracts, maximum numbers of referrals and maximum payouts at maximum profits - which should also typically include full payment of O&P, is the kind of in depth insurance claim process training you can only get with 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook©. The best sales rep on the planet will, without question and regardless of sales background and sales experience, never match the performance of a 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© trained contractor, contractor rep, or PA nor will they match the substantial additional profits and income.

                            Learn how to secure and MAXimize O&P payments

TPMAX STOCK BROKER O&Phe "3 trade rule", "not enough complexity", "GC's only", "sub invoices required", and other specious arguments P&C insurance adjusters, in house claim reps, and their companies use for not paying 100% O&P on insurance repair work are made up rules. Since O&P is calculated into the insurance premiums your customers pay, there is no valid reason or excuse for not paying full 100% O&P on your customers claims. Not paying O&P when it has already been "pre-paid" by your customers as part of their premiums results in, among other things, unfair and unjust enrichment to the insurance companies. With 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© and "The O&P Statement", you'll learn how to repeatedly defeat the above O&P arguments and dramatically increase the number of jobs where you are paid full 100% O&P which will, in turn, vastly increase your profits and income by many thousands of dollars - each and every year.

                                  Give yourself an immediate raise with 3RStimax

LM light commercial claim - B/4 (0 O&P) and after 3RStimax (FULL O&P)

The overly technical and, in my opinion, intentionally overly complicated Xactimate® estimating program may be the P&C insurance industry standard but it is not the construction industry standard - at least not for contractors, contractor reps, and PA's who want to earn maximum profits and income and remain viable over the long term. With 3RStimax™ which is designed primarily for exterior and light interior retail and insurance repair work estimating, you'll learn how to vastly increase your per job quotes that will also include additional and profitable line items that most contractors and PA's never think to ask for. The results shown in the before 3RStimax™ ($23,485.76) and after 3RStimax™ ($35,722.94) loss reports in the clickable thumbnail to the right speak for themselves. Do that just one time and you've been paid back on your investment in 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© many times over. Plus, you'll have also saved yourself the approximate annual and unnecessary $1,500 Xactimate® subscription/"licensing" fee. More on 3RStimax in the What's Included section on this website.

  Learn the "secrets" that P&C insurance doesn't want you or your customers to know

In 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© I also reveal much of what's behind the growing and costly over regulation of your business, the increasing pressure to minimize it and you, and the attempts to cause your potential customers to unfairly question your business and personal ethics. In the ICCOA "Sausage Makers Exposed" section, I also reveal what you can do about it as I expose some of the major players behind the trend including a certain ex-State Commerce/Insurance Commissioner who played a key role in the 2007/2008 $5+ trillion dollar market crash that we're still paying for today.

 3RSystems, LLC trained contractors and PA's are registered and recognized nationwide

Whether you're a contractor, contractor rep or public adjuster, if you want to learn how to dramatically increase your profits and income on insurance claim repair work - right away, you need the kind of no nonsense proven training you can only get from 3RSystems, LLC. Based on four times the industry experience of anyone else offering insurance restoration claim process training + twenty additional concurrent years of in depth insurance and investment industry experience, 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© is the right and only choice for contractors, contractor reps and public adjusters who want to maximize their earnings.

As a company owner, you'll be able to train your reps in house by having them review the program on their own or in company meetings. As a self employed independent contractor rep, your new found expertise as a trained 3RSystems, LLC Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC) will allow you to pick and choose which contractor or contractors you want to work for at top pay and become a top performer at which ever company you choose. As a PA, you'll be able to vastly increase your customer/client payouts in much less time.

Ultimately, by learning and putting my years of hands on construction and insurance/investment industry experience to work for you and becoming a nationally registered and recognized 3RSystems, LLC Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC) contractor, contractor rep or PA, you'll be able to regularly and repeatedly beat the P&C insurance companies at their own game. Doing so will allow you to become the hero for your customers while the P&C insurance companies, their adjusters, and their in house claim reps cut back on the nonsense and start to do what they are supposed to do – fully pay your customers insurance repair claims at real, true and accurate (RTA) market rates that are relative to the premiums paid.

Soon after your initial study and application of the powerful knowledge you'll receive with your 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© training program you'll notice a new found respect coming from P&C insurance adjusters and in house claim reps who are more likely to pay your customers claims according to your real, true and accurate (RTA) estimates rather than their typically underpriced and overly complicated Xactimate® and similar estimates. You'll also start to experience the kind of financial freedom you had only dreamed of in the past.

Start MAXimizing your profits and!

My experience over the years has shown me that, regardless of their training and experience, 98+% of contractors, contractor reps, and PA's who work insurance repair claims leave money on the P&C insurance company tables thereby costing themselves and their company's hundreds to thousands of dollars per job that should have ended up in their bank accounts. Once those claims dollars (profits and income) are left behind, they are lost forever. The solution? For just a tiny fraction of the money left on those P&C insurance company tables every year (a few pennies per day over a one year period), invest in your, your company's and your family's future now by ordering your own 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© insurance claims process training program and put it and the powerful and easy to use 3RStimax estimating software program to work for you so you can start earning what you are really worth - today!


The result will be hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional per job profits and income (money for a bigger or second home, a new truck with your favorite fishing rig, camping with the family, college for the kid's/grand kid's, longer and better vacations, etc.) month after month and year after year.

To learn more about what's in it for you, click on the "What's Included?" link button below the endorsements.


Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I came across 3RS Profit Max on the internet and could not be happier with it. I have gotten my pricing back where I wanted it and almost doubled my yearly net profits. I would highly recommend this to any contractor who is tired of under priced insurance company's." Cory Edwards - Edwards Roofing, LLC Riverton, WY

Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I have been in the insurance restoration business for over 10 years. Fortunately a friend (also in the business) introduced me to Larry with 3RSystems. 3RSystems is very beneficial with its own software program vs. Xactimate, the thirty plus adjuster denials with rebuttals, and a full layout on how to run an insurance restoration business." Jason Vogen - GC, Elite Exteriors, Burnsville, Minnesota

Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I have to tell you that this immediately made a difference in how my claims have been handled. I have been reading over and over, the excuses section, and it works! I love your stuff. Keep up the good work. I've geared most of my presentations now around your information. Lifesaver!" Brady Bisel, MBA/Contracting and Sales - Ohio